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Elsevier Gyandeep

At Elsevier, the world's leading publisher of science and health information, we have absolutely no doubt that the Principals hold the key to the future of this country. It is their leadership that ensures the youth of the country get the skills and knowledge they need to drive India to achieve its full potential in the 21st century.

For delivering the same, Principals need faculty with the right skills, facilities to impact training, conduct research and maintain a storehouse of knowledge in the form of a comprehensive, up-to-date library. By delivering world-class information and innovative tools, we aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your library - and now would like go further to help you fulfill your crucial mission.

Our Mission: To build a community of leaders who can interact & share knowledge and expertise amongst Nursing professionals.

Gyandeep - Elsevier's programme to maximise your efficiency and effectiveness

Gyandeep is Elsevier's special programme designed for Principals of Nursing colleges all over India, to help them deal with the plethora of information they receive about printed and online publications, and ensure that the students and colleagues access the most relevant sources, in the shortest time, at the least cost. Through this programme, we will...

  • Regularly bring relevant information, through communications customised to nursing preferences.
  • Organise Nursing Principals Meets across various regions of the India, inviting principals to share their experiences, and give an insight into the world of health sciences.
  • Conduct scholarship programme for the B.Sc. Nursing students, rewarding the best candidates as well as the nursing college libraries.
  • Help to update the faculty and students in nursing institutes through newsletters, catalogues, author visits, exhibitions and book fairs.
  • We are also keen to collaborate with nursing institutes by helping the faculty publish with us.

To get your college enrolled in the Gyandeep programme, pls write to us at